Silicone Molds

Silicone mold French Swag; 15*6,3 cm

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PAKU silicone molds are being produced with the highest quality European & FDA certified food grade platinum silicone and they are all hand-made.

Whilst the superior quality remains the same; the color of the silicone may differ from style to style and according to the product photos.

Unlike the cheap alternatives in the market which are being damaged after several use or easily torn when streched-out; PAKU silicone molds are lifetime products which offer limitless use and they are worth every single penny. You won’t need to replace your molds every year, PAKU molds means a lifetime investment.

PAKU silicone molds are resistant to -60/+250 degrees Celcius, that’s why not only fondant, but you can also use melted Isomalt sugar and chocolate with them.

Tip: Isomalt figures are usually matt when they are pulled-out from the silicone mold; but you can easily put a torch flame onto the isomalt figure just for a couple of seconds and make it shine.



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