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Concentrated Gel Paste PURPLE

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Rainbow Dust ProGel are professional gel food colours are so highly concentrated that only need the smallest amount to give deep, rich colour to creations. Simply mix into your sugarcraft medium and watch it transform into your desired colour.

perfect for sugarpaste, royal icing, marzipan, buttercream, flower / modeling / gum pastes, cake mixes, pastry, frostings & fillings, isomalt, piping gel, cake lace mixes, desserts, white chocolate, cocktails etc..

Thanx to Progel's high concentration which allows to work quickly and easily even for macarons meringue. You can even color your chocolate with Progel after incorporating it in Flo-coat or cocoa butter.

Diluting the gel color with alcohol or water, you can easily paint on your sugarcraft like watercolor paintings.

You can put the color in your airbrush gun adding tiny drops of water on it and airbrush smoothly.

Like all other gel pastes, the color will set by time. In this case, you may need to work your fondant color 2 days in advance and leave to rest to be able to get the desired shade.

It is easier to get Black color when you add cocoa powder in your fondant.


mix in a mixing tray and apply with a sugar craft dusting brush or food-approved paint brush.

for buttercream, use Icing Whiteners to whiten the buttercream before adding colouring as this normally gives truer shades.

can also be used for molten white chocolate or Candy Melts.

Expiry at least 2021 or often much longer.



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