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3D-plastic cutter Cute Bambi; 8*7,5 cm

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PAKU 3D cutters are printed with the best quality imported PLA filaments. Filament color is usually Magenta.

PLA filament is extruded under pressure and heat of potato starch. Therefore the filament is heat-sensitive, so the cutters.

Like all other PLA cutters, PAKU 3D-cutters should be stored in calm, should NOT be left outside in a hot environment or at direct sunlight and naturally should NOT be washed in the disher.


If there is only one dimension info, that shows the longest measurement ( i.e; plastic 3D-Plastic Cutter Carousel Horse;10 cm, here the biggest measurement is the horse width and it is 10 cm ).


We recommend you to cut your dough or fondant on a sturdy floor for precise cutting.( i.e; cutting boards, marble counter or steel working table ). PLA filaments are gentle, so pls do not apply too much pressure, do not force extra load on the cutter. You need to cut on a sturdy floor and move the cutter from right to left to help to release the fondant.

We hope you enjoy PAKU cutters as much as we do!



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